British women more worried about their bodies than sex

Image copyright Illustration by Reuters Image caption Fast-rising onion crop could provide an alternative to contraceptive pills

British women are very keen on food that helps their sexual satisfaction, according to a new study.

Researchers found British women prefer that “the body takes care of itself” rather than “young legs”.

That is better than “an 18-year-old looking good,” said the study, commissioned by the International Food Information Council.

But it found that women in Japan were more interested in looking good.

The study asked 4,000 women in six countries how they valued “harmonious” versus “healthy” compared to women in the same age range in the UK, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US.

Fruit was given preference over vegetables in Italy and the US, but British women rated fruit as a more desirable choice than vegetables in both countries.

In the UK, a much-touted snack that combines “fast-rising” onion and digestive biscuits was rated more appealing than “baby” carrots and celery by British women.

Women in Italy and Japan more loved mayonnaise than Chinese soup dumplings.

The information council recommends that if British women do not enjoy their sex life, they should eat a “back-up plan” like onions, digestive biscuits or mayonnaise.

Having rather nicer hips and ass would be good if the men do not come back, they say.

The food group also has some straightforward advice for women who find it difficult to get pregnant.

“Mums are always keen on getting pregnant, so (it’s) best to stay away from egg-white omelettes (and) anything that will make your bottom look too chubby.”

Social media website BuzzFeed published the survey on Friday and although BuzzFeed reporter Mariko Jutsu shared the information on Twitter, the food group has not yet tweeted about it.


So women are going for a “damage prevention” approach to the menopause , but British men are also happy to engage in female bonding and forward gazing.

Girls just want to look good, for the sake of themselves and the men around them . Girls are spending most of their time looking in the mirror, but men are only interested in the wider area.

In order to make sure her looks stay looking good, girls will say “I’ve been going to the gym,” but boys are mainly interested in, erm, having sex.

Men are not just gorging on cheese and beer. They are eating pizza, but yoghurt and chicken is popular with the lady men.

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Globally, women are getting happier than men, but in the UK, 60% of all those polled say they consider themselves happier than they were 10 years ago.

In Germany, over 70% of women are happier than they were 10 years ago.

Men in Japan were rated as happier than females in Germany and the US, but just 14% of women in China are happier than they were 10 years ago.

Slightly less happy than women are the 38% of all men who say they do not consider themselves happier than they were 10 years ago.

Japanese women over 55 are the happiest in the world, according to data from the Emnid research firm.

The study says things like ageing gracefully and the legendary flexibility of the female body top the list of things that make a woman happy.

But jokes about aging gracefully, remarriage and finding a partner are the top five things that annoy women.

Mm, jokes about ageing gracefully . . . well, sorry guys.

So all of the above means that women are pretty smitten with men, but only 69% of the men surveyed said they consider themselves more happy than they were 10 years ago.

And it’s hardly surprising, given that their female friends are happier than they are.

The study also found that men appreciate women who are “mainly beautiful, only young at heart and only into them”.

In the UK, where 43% of men say they consider themselves happier than they were 10 years ago, 66% said that their female friends could go “also”.

Hopefully for boys that means that they can also be pretty without sacrificing their looks . . . but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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