China warns students after new strain of meningitis outbreak

Authorities in eastern province of Shandong have warned students against wearing clothing with the COVID logo as it moves to contain another outbreak of meningitis A

Dozens of students were admitted to hospital with severe meningitis in eastern China after a massive outbreak of the disease earlier this year, local authorities said on Friday.

It is the fourth time this year a new strain of the disease, dubbed COVID-19, has mutated into one of the most virulent forms seen in the country.

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Police have so far detained 42 people, local officials told Xinhua state news agency, in a move to contain what one official called “an epidemic of social resistance”.

According to the official announcement, the students were suffering from COVID-19.

Authorities have urged anyone who has been wearing COVID merchandise to avoid wearing it, according to the official newspaper Global Times.

The infection was first reported on 11 May and has also hit students at the rural Hanzhong city in Shandong province’s east.

Doctors believe that COVID-19, which has a particular liking for the male reproductive system, is contracted through unprotected sex.

In March, the COVID-19 strain of meningitis was found to have caused 36 deaths and over 3,400 cases. A similar outbreak struck the Shandong city of Lanzhou in December, when five people died and 20 others were infected.

As the strain emerged in December, authorities in the nearby city of Xi’an ordered all hospitals to register with local authorities any new patients with the same genotype.

The epidemic also struck three provinces in western China earlier this year, with another 5,000 meningitis cases and three deaths reported.

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