Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: New Wrinkle as Judge May Be Promoted

× Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: New Wrinkle as Judge May Be Promoted

For the past 15 months, a jury has been deciding the fate of Ghislaine Maxwell, a British mother who says her daughter, Andrea, was abused by some of her mother’s billionaire friends.

But the courtroom may be moved from Brooklyn to Florida, after Maxwell says she hired a lawyer for undisclosed reasons. The trial has been marked by delays and heavy media coverage.

The charges against Ghislaine Maxwell began when she first reported her daughter missing from Connecticut in 2010. Andrea was never found, and her disappearance led to five separate investigations in Connecticut and Manhattan, and came at a time when the tabloid press was obsessed with sightings of Andrea.

In 2014, Ghislaine Maxwell was indicted for allegedly concealing her daughter’s whereabouts from authorities.

For the past five months, the former New York society fixture has been living in a Florida prison. She was extradited from Britain in 2017 to stand trial, accused of covering up for rich and famous men — including the late “Rat Pack” singer Joey Bishop — accused of abusing children.

The trial has dragged on over the past year, and Maxwell’s lawyers have argued she can’t get a fair trial without an impartial jury. But prosecutors have argued that moving the trial won’t change the fact that Maxwell knew her daughter was missing.

On Friday, on the first day of the trial, in front of Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Raymond Dearie, Maxwell’s lawyer told him that Maxwell will now be represented by a Florida attorney. The judge said that if they could come up with a location for the trial — which would have to be approved by the judge — then Maxwell may be able to get it back in New York.

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