One killed and 16 injured in car bomb explosion outside hospital

Police said they were dealing with a ‘fast moving incident’ after blast caused by firework outside Alder Hey hospital

One person has died and more than 15 injured after a car bomb exploded outside a hospital in Liverpool.

The explosion is believed to have occurred as firework sparks caught alight a silver Vauxhall Astra. The flames then set off a petrol bomb.

The injured were said to be all young people, believed to be among a group of about 20 people celebrating a girl’s 18th birthday at the time of the blast.

Merseyside police said a large section of Alder Hey hospital was closed after the explosion just before 1am on Monday.

Eight people were taken to the hospital’s major trauma centre for treatment for “catastrophic and life-threatening injuries”.

The injured included one young child, police said.

Shaun Rees, a University of Liverpool geography student, said he was checking in to the hospital around midnight when he heard a huge explosion.

“It was a massive bang, not heard in the rest of the block,” he said. “There was a lot of smoke coming from an Alder Hey to Sandwell hospital car park.”

Sasha Muesse-Jones, an Alder Hey student, said: “My immediate thoughts were about the young people who might have been injured.

“As I came out into the street there were people helping two people, both of whom had injuries and were really desperate for assistance.

“After a little while I saw a police car appear, so I went into the car park and there was still a lot of smoke and I still thought it was dangerous to go back in the car park but helped and helped some more before I was told to leave by the emergency services.”

The force said the force was dealing with a “fast moving incident”, which was being handled jointly by the air ambulance, the police, fire service and ambulance service.

A member of staff at the hospital said people had been treated for facial burns, singed hair and facial injuries.

Katie Hales, from Staffordshire, tweeted: “Two full floor of Alder Hey hospital have just been evacuated due to a car explosion with lots of people being treated for facial burns, singed hair and face injuries.

“Please stay inside as best you can whilst the ambulance and fire brigade attempt to extinguish and clear the scene. Thank you for your continued support.”

Lisa Hazel, from Thetford, Norfolk, tweeted: “I’m looking out of my window at the whole Royal Norfolk hospital (Alder Hey look out) waiting for news after the car explosion – praying everyone is safe.”

Tom Hall, from Sunderland, said: “Almost 5am. Part of Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool has been evacuated. Also, some shops on Alder Hey Road on lockdown waiting to hear what to do.”

An ambulance spokesman said: “We were called just before 1am to reports of a car explosion in Alder Hey road, where around 15 people had been treated for injuries. Ambulance crews treated three people for critical injuries.”

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