This infographic shows the most unusual details of taxi rides

For taxi passengers, a few irritating yet intentional quirks have made they experience cab rides even more pleasant. The driver is late, for example, but only because it’s a long, interesting journey. The driver gives the usual weird passenger tip that is much smaller than the size of the check he lost when he called for the taxi. The driver and rider go over their travels together, discussing ideas that may not come to fruition the next time, but are intriguing nonetheless. Or the driver tells the passenger to sit against the front window of the cab so that she’s not tempted to offer information about her personal space she might not want to.

According to this infographic, people who travel on public transportation or public transportation at the office would agree that some extra excitement can be part of the ride.

But have the same considerations for taxi passengers led to fewer issues for busy commuters and those who cannot take cabs? Have citizens become more selective about where they go on the first day of work?

Are more Americans trying to enjoy the real world online without always being mindful of the people around them? Maybe we should all assume that when the digital world comes first, we’re more likely to have problems with the social and physical world.

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