US monkeypox case linked to sick man cared for in Ohio

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Officials discovered the monkeypox at a wildlife refuge in Maryland last week

Health officials have discovered a second case of monkeypox in the United States – on a sick person who tested positive in a case in Ohio.

The suspect, a 58-year-old man, will be treated at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, although he does not live there.

The CDC said that it was the only case it knows of to have infected a US national, and the rare disease.

CDC said that monkeypox is rare and not lethal but has symptoms that resemble smallpox, a disease which can be fatal.

The first case was found in December in a man who was caring for a sick friend in Ohio.

He became ill and has now recovered. The CDC said that this was the only case of monkeypox it knows of that has infected a US national, and the only known case that involved a case in someone who lived in the US.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption State officials are advising people not to travel to West Africa for health reasons

Hawaii is warning people against travelling to West Africa because of the virus, which has killed 21 people and infected more than 100 so far this year.

U.S. officials have suggested that the rise in monkeypox cases this year might be because many people have been volunteering with relief efforts in West Africa to help with the outbreak there.

Though it is uncommon, monkeypox is a group of viruses that can be spread between animals and humans. Monkeypox can also be transmitted sexually, to the mouth, nose or eyes.

Nina Vaccine Factory, a Maryland-based private company, makes the monkeypox vaccine but has been undergoing an evaluation by the FDA on whether it can be distributed without waiting for confirmatory studies to show it is safe and effective.

This study is being conducted at the CDC.

People who have been exposed to monkeypox but who have not yet shown symptoms should call their doctors. People who are already sick or who are showing symptoms should contact their health care providers.

People caring for someone who might have monkeypox are being advised to practise hygiene, such as using the hand sanitizer at home.

Sanitation tips include washing hands thoroughly, covering coughs and sneezes, not touching eyes, nose or mouth, and disinfecting surfaces from which anyone has recently been exposed.

‘Monkeypox: From death sentence to perhaps cure’

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