Will Sardinia’s inaugural fly fishing lodge become the new business focus?

Written by By Samir Mansur, CNN

Any entrepreneur worth their salt knows that one of the best ways to generate revenue is to become a means of communication. So, when you’re trying to persuade people to part with money for a weekend away, well, imagine attempting to sell fly fishing in Sardinia.

Italian entrepreneur Francesco Cecchi is looking to change all that by opening the first fishing lodge, an entire residential resort on the tiny island of Chianti.

“On the other hand, not everything that’s great in Italy is rare or unique,” Cecchi, CEO of Ta Damai, tells CNN Travel. “So I thought that all the knowledge I gained from researching around the world could be put to use in an innovative approach to market fishing in Italy.”

Documentary film maker Sébastien Persoon has also come on board the group’s project, and their well-known concept is to create an “inclusive adventure journey” at the lodge.

Seeing the appeal of some of the outdoor experiences in the lodge’s program is becoming increasingly important when you’re trying to attract moneyed travelers to Sardinia.

Fly fishing becomes an art form, as the proprietors of Casa San Fabio, a Sardinian lodge, show off their creations. Credit: Casa San Fabio via CNN

Many of the 70th-birthday-markt visits to the island in 2016 were corporate tours, hosting mainly investors, contractors and real estate agents, reports the Sardinian Tourism Board (STB).

So naturally it’s hoped that the lodge will try to tap into the patronage of professional players in the fishing industry.

“The valley of Chianti is the most important fishing village on the Mediterranean coastline, mostly because of its fisheries,” says ESCTA, an association in the region that supports and promotes fishing activity, in a statement

Scaffolding in Sardinia for a “yacht farm” that will offer luxury vacation rentals. Credit: william wagon

But, he adds, “Whereas the Cassa di Capri has a cluster of eco-tourism companies, the rest of the Spanish islands do not have this source of income. This creates great difficulties for the tourism industry.”

Clubs whose aim is to grow a member base among professional fishermen include the Sicilian Fishing and Orienteering Club, as well as Sardinia’s Barbiere Bandiera e Salvocce.

By offering them an opportunity to combine an adventure vacation at the lodge with fly fishing, they could attract the attention of the market that is missing out on the Sardinian fishing experience.

The first stop of the Lodge, ‘The Villa del Gesu.’ Credit: Nicolo Quarto

The Lodge’s 40 rooms will give guests the opportunity to catch their own fly fishing and have the chance to use state-of-the-art recording and communication equipment provided by Ta Damai.

The Company has partnered with the Sardinian Association of Modern Languages, who will also educate the members of the cabin crew on a range of Italian languages, including Italian.

As a consequence, when the guides walk out the door, the average guest will know which language to use for the rest of their stay.

It remains to be seen if the Lodge will go on to become an economic success, but it will certainly become the company’s main mission to prove that Sardinia is not just the fishing capital of Italy, but that it also has a rich mix of attractions.

The Lodge will also offer guests the chance to catch their own flies. Credit: Da Giusy Via Facebook Page

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