All about the white, powdery winter wonderland

Written by Staff Writer at CNN Mexico, written by Emma McGrath in Valencia, Spain.

The entirety of Canada is part of an unbroken expanse of snow. In a picturesque countryside, towns were blanketed in a blanket of whiteness.

For the next 12 days, this peaceful landscape will be mistaken for an exotic wilderness, but no matter how close you are to the border, there is one constant — it’s snowing.

Cabin fever strikes during a Canadian World Cup qualifier in Quebec.

Winter tourism has been exploding in Canada as the country — with its grittier, dreariest history — comes into its own.

The past four years, the number of international winter visitors to the country has risen 10%, according to last year’s government publication Tourism Canada’s “Top Ten” Report

This rise has been partly due to North America’s recent turn to cold and wintry weather. But Canada has also benefited from tourism spikes among its largest overseas markets — U.S., China and the U.K. — making summer and fall temperatures more bearable when winter returns.

Snow in winter is known for its uniquely intense aroma of ice, which drifts to your ears in a Swedish White Stripes, but if nothing else, it can be a spectacle.

Climbers caught up in the snowstorm in Méribel.

Photographer José Nadal, who lives in Quebec, shot a series of shots in the south of the province.

He told CNN his favorite image in his “Snow by the River” series was taken when he was stuck in a snowstorm.

“I climbed into a river and I started crying in the snow while taking photos because I thought it was something true. That’s why when I published the photos I said it was the best one,” Nadal said.

The photographer explained the white fluffy cover adds a decorative element to scenes like city streets.

Snow covered parks in Quebec.

He told CNN that photographing was no difficult task with the perfect powder winter backdrop.

“You have to play the weather,” Nadal said. “When it’s warm you have to play the light, you have to try to get the people out of their cars so they can also watch the weather and be part of the cityscape.”

In Mexico, a city has been reclaimed by the white stuff.

In sunny Juarez, Mexico, travelers find other creatures making use of their white landscape.

Grand Hotel Granadero is a monument to the city’s growing winter tourism. The hotel had never been built until recently, when a series of four snowstorms broke the snowfall record in the region.

Flowers in the snow add a flair of romance.

Prices are skyrocketing as the city becomes more popular.

It is set to get even snowier in the not-so-distant future, though; a new snow dome is planned for next year.

The snow is good for more than just the city. Animals too are using the snow cover to survive.

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