Amazon is banning users’ Visa credit cards, a move that could impact Visa payments in the US

Amazon told its UK customers that they will not be able to use their Visa credit cards on the e-commerce site from Jan. 12.

Instead, the company announced Thursday, Amazon Payments will be available only to Visa and Mastercard users in the UK, a move the Seattle-based company said will cut down on “acceptance fees and to simplify the customer experience.”

Visa is one of the most commonly used payment cards in the US. Visa introduced an in-app payment button for Amazon in the UK last year, allowing users to make Amazon payments within apps like Spotify.

Amazon Payments requires users to link their bank accounts with Amazon and access Amazon’s online wallet to make purchases. Amazon said it’s introducing the same payment platform to users of Alexa and Google Home devices in the UK in early 2018.

In a statement, Visa said it notified Amazon of its plan before the e-commerce company “announced a new payment service” with Mastercard. The company said that it and other major card companies “have a lot of interest” in working with Amazon, but that it hasn’t “had any recent talks.”

Asked about Visa’s statement, Amazon said: “We recognize the competitive challenges that card issuers face when it comes to digital offers and payment products.”

It did not respond to follow-up questions.

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