Amazon Prime: New York reveals its behind-the-scenes secrets

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The fascinating story of New York’s domain (and the artist, Edward “Tito” Lipford, behind it) is told in the exhibition Patrigonial: The Collection of a Record Art Collector.

The collection was only given to the Manhattan D.A.’s office on a much-negotiated paper trail from Lipford’s widow, who asked that an object of interest to her son be included. The object was a wood block presentation box (similar to an album cover), once owned by Leonard Bernstein.

It is claimed that the item was commissioned in the mid-1960s for Rockefeller Center pianist Aaron Copland, but was missing for over three decades until Lipford’s widow tracked it down in her attic a few years ago. With the almost immediate approval of Brooklyn D.A. Ken Thompson, the item was transferred into a research unit and gave to the Manhattan D.A.’s office. An exhibit debuted at the latter’s headquarters on February 13, where everyone is going to be squirming in their shoes this Friday. If the damn thing is in the possession of a Brooklyn D.A.’s office and not the Manhattan D.A.’s office then might I suggest some plush, legal TV shows where we learn what really happened?

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