Arizona Legislature censures Rep. Paul Gosar for inciting violence with anti-LGBT bill

The Arizona House of Representatives on Monday voted to censure Rep. Paul Gosar for a video in which he encouraged his supporters to beat up a young Democratic state representative because of her sexual orientation and support for transgender rights.

The resolution passed 46-15 and also calls for Gosar to be censured by the Arizona Senate.

Gosar, who is challenging Democratic incumbent Kyrsten Sinema for her seat in the Senate, has faced a backlash in Arizona after he called for a boycott of Amazon over its second headquarters, a decision that national commentators viewed as part of a push by President Trump to put the country’s economic success in jeopardy.

The two-day event in Arizona was held in response to Mr. Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from Mexico and Canada, against warnings from economists and business leaders.

The rebuke in the House took place just days after Republican U.S. Senate candidate Martha McSally cast a key vote to move past the partisan rancor roiling the Capitol. The vote came just after news broke that two Republican congressmen, Donald Duncan and Paul Gosar, had sponsored anti-LGBT legislation that was derailed.

Mr. Duncan, who co-sponsored the bill, declined to apologize and maintain his congressional career. Mr. Gosar, however, took a different path, apologizing for the outburst and questioning the motives of Democratic leaders.

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