Boris Johnson admits he misidentified a woman in the goings-on of the British political scandal

And Boris, Boris, Boris: From his own party in embarrassment over their sleaze scandals, Boris Johnson, the British prime minister’s foreign secretary, paid a belated admission Friday of his own mistakes.

He had, like many colleagues, misidentified the woman involved in the sleaze scandal that first opened the scandal of its chambers — explaining in tweets that she was a hooker rather than a sex worker. He sent the tweets on the morning that the prime minister — her chief Cabinet minister, incidentally — was to resign as fallout from that scandal, which the secretary of state for culture, media and sport ultimately did on Wednesday.

Mr. Johnson’s admission came as parliament approved the sacking of Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green for misleading the police about his personal knowledge of an affair between his ex-wife and a journalist. That was embarrassing for the prime minister, who chose Mr. Green for the post. In a news conference later Friday, Mrs. May blamed the timing of her decision on other “public and political issues” and said she would, in future, look into such matters before the resignation.

But for Mr. Johnson, Friday presented the prime minister with new reason to replace her foreign secretary, who has become infamous for his self-serving musings on foreign policy and has been called a potential successor to the prime minister. His handling of the Green resignation triggered an onslaught of criticism, including scrutiny of his social media behavior.

The foreign secretary received lukewarm support from former prime ministers Tony Blair and John Major, who noted that Mr. Johnson was known for his eccentricity but that “providing real policy proposals and gravitas” would be necessary to make him a fit replacement for Mrs. May.

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