Chris Christie: I felt ‘like the seventh plague’ after Donald Trump win

Former New Jersey governor had to ask Melania to close curtain in presidential victory speech in anticipation of terrible news

Chris Christie revealed the moment Donald Trump’s election night victory made him feel like the seventh plague had struck the nation.

Christie, the New Jersey governor and former presidential hopeful, wrote on Twitter on Sunday that Donald Trump’s victory had made him “feel sick”.

Chris Christie (@ChrisChristie) On November 8th, 2016, Donald Trump became our 45th President, and became the President I have dreaded for our country’s future – it was a nightmare for me.

Christie, who quit as the chairman of Trump’s transition team and has been in a falling out with the president, blamed his reaction on the amount of time that had passed since his own election in 2013 and was unable to sleep.

He revealed how he had to summon Melania Trump to close the curtain in his election night victory speech, which he said had to be very specific in the way that it was delivered in order to minimize its impact.

The win over Hillary Clinton, he said, was “better” than any victory he had ever claimed and “sets up” a great presidency.

“I had to take a special moment at the end of my speech in order to ask Melania to close that curtain,” he wrote. “It was the greatest feeling I ever had. I just want to tell everyone out there that tonight, it is better than any victory I have ever felt. It sets up a great presidency and puts America back on the right path.

“I have a lot of people telling me that it is my finest hour, and I have to admit that is true.”

According to Christie, Trump reminded him the next day to expect some bad news and he “laughed and thought about the movie Seabiscuit”.

Christie lost his own bid for the Republican nomination but endorsed Trump after he failed to secure it. In the lead-up to the general election, he became a regular at Trump rallies.

He was scheduled to speak at the Republican convention, but was left off the list and was criticised for not appearing with Trump in the studio on Saturday after the president announced he would address a joint session of Congress.

Christie did not have a place on the TV podium, forcing Trump to stand in front of a backdrop of patriotic bunting and outside the chamber.

The former governor pointed out that Trump was yet to inform him who would speak in his place. “I thought he said I should be in the last few spots, just like me last night,” he wrote.

Since Trump’s election the former governor has been in a falling out with his current wife, Melania Trump, and then president-elect. He told a New Jersey radio station this month that his role was “obviously over” and accused her of lacking humility and elegance.

Last summer the couple walked out of the Trumps’ luxurious Washington, D.C. estate and Christie later claimed he had not heard from the president-elect in three months.

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