COP26: Fashion industry joins the fight against climate change

Written by Anna Kennedy, CNN

In October 2016, fashion took center stage at the Paris Climate Change Conference by unveiling a landmark fashion exhibit, sponsored by the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Reebok, and Michael Kors. The exhibition, supported by many of the world’s top fashion houses, was essentially the launch of a small-scale campaign against climate change, entitled The Fashion Revolution.

This year, fashion took a back seat at the COP26 summit, held in Bonn on 9-12 March. And for the fashion industry itself, a rare moment of solidarity over the issue of climate change.

The fashion world has long been criticized for contributing significantly to the problem of climate change through its ongoing consumption of fossil fuels and its impact on the world’s ecosystems. There is also significant criticism from the general public, who feel that the public relations battles must come at the expense of the real debates.

But two weeks in Bonn has shown that some countries are willing to make strides towards a better future. The atmosphere for the summit was so damp that this was not in vain — instead, it has proved inspirational for further debate of the topic.

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