Court overturns Virginia murder conviction, grants new trial to accused double-murderer James Jones

We got confirmation from Mr. Sohmer in late 2017 that James Jones was not where he claimed to be on the night in question and told the court, “I am confident that the Defendant will be found to be guilty.”

We testified on Tuesday of this week, May 15, 2019, in support of the assertion by Charles A. Jones and Brian Carroll to the Court of Common Pleas of Virginia as to the absence of Mr. Jones in the adjacent motel parking lot on the night of the Wrights’ crime. We are now certain that the inference contained in the trial record has been proven true.

Today the Virginia Supreme Court reversed the acquittal of Mr. Jones. The decisions of the Supreme Court, read together with the ruling of the District Court, the rulings of the Court of Appeals, and all the other decisions involving the Wrights, have resulted in what we believe is one of the single biggest victories for Mr. Sohmer’s clients for decades.

Read the opinion from the Virginia Supreme Court

Read the opinion from the Supreme Court of Virginia in the case of The Wrights v. David

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