Cows Critical after Canada’s Quebec floods

A massive storm dumped a month’s worth of rain in just a day in the eastern part of Canada. In Dornoch, a small town north of Victoria, the day’s drenching came down so fast that officials reported two cows died.

But the fish were long gone long before the damage was complete. Nearly two feet of floodwater covered a part of the pond, but the water wasn’t fast enough to make a headway in freeing the cows. Instead, the rains pushed a sodden earth out of the pond, where the cattle lived.

Days later, the farmers decided to stick around a little longer. Ken Dunlop is the owner of the farm, and he and a friend have brought in a couple of combines to bring the cows up the hill and bring them back to dry land. Before they’re taken, the cows have to be checked by a veterinarian. The fix is complicated.

Water is difficult to get through the soggy road, so the farmers decided to use two empty nearby bailing tractors as makeshift water delivery vehicles. The tractors are fairly sturdy, but they’re also small and easy to lose. This means the cows will have to be loaded in on a crane when they get to dry land. There’s some concern that the higher the water, the more heavy the crates will be, which would add significantly to the weight.

The farmers are being careful not to leave the pump on overnight because the town’s main water supply has to be topped off. The pumps in their yard, used to irrigate the fields, are OK. Everything else can stay on one pump, which will keep the cows’ needs fueled up while the town struggles to clean up.

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