Durant calls the 3-point shot “bizarre” and says NBA game has gotten “much, much better” in 3-point shooting

What is the role of the 3-point shot in NBA basketball? Has its place in the game diminished? CNN’s Jason Carroll caught up with NBA star Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors (61 points through Game 4 of the NBA Finals) and inquired as to where the NBA stands at the halfway point of the Finals.

“Offensive firepower at all positions is really important,” says Durant. “We know how important Stephen Curry is, LeBron James is, Kyle Lowry… all these guys are tough,” says Durant. “They can go anywhere in the game and get a basket.”

But within the 3-point range there is a fluidity in the Warrior and their team’s movement of players. Says Durant, “Having players that can score from anywhere is huge for the team.”

As a shot that is rarely defined, the 3-point shot is often studied by spectators at sporting events.

“They’re so spread,” says Durant of the defenders. “It’s not always just one guy guarding you. It might be three of them guarding you… it doesn’t always have to be one guy… everyone really runs to the hot hand. It’s tough when you have 3 or 4 guys guarding you all at once.”

Can the game become boring to watch? “There’s no such thing as boring basketball,” says Durant. “If the game slows down, there’s no way you can call that boring.”

Do players feel their scoring prowess has gotten more easy thanks to the proliferation of social media? “There’s never going to be easy scoring,” says Durant. “It is what it is. It’s the strength of the game and I think we’re at our best when the game is never easy to score. If there’s a stoppage in play, it always seems to be the best time to score in basketball.”

Can the 3-point shot be a liability in the Playoffs?

“I think the 3-point shot can definitely hurt a team because if you’re not prepared for it… it just goes right through you. We need to keep moving, move the ball, don’t give up any easy baskets.”

When asked about the dangers of the 3-point shot in postseason basketball, however, “what’s to stop it?” says Durant. “If you get caught in the paint, you probably can’t make the shot.”

Kevin Durant is married to fellow basketball superstar, Khloe Kardashian. The two are currently expecting their first child together, a girl, who will be announced this weekend.

*All clips and video are shot and edited by a CNN crew.

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