Europe’s Spring Break is right around the corner, & that means lots of business for international ski resorts

(Reuters) – Austria is poised to get back on its snowboard and ski snowboard-packed speedways after a two-month break, where blue riband races, such as the Bad Kleinkirchheim Classic, and alpine events, such as the speed trials, were cancelled as violence erupted in cities across Germany and Austria.

While the experience of heading abroad can be a stressful one, for many it’s like a long weekend with the day off, where you can relax and recover. Ten of Europe’s biggest ski resorts are all due to reopen for business, and are bracing for a flood of visitors.

“While most of the world had been sidelined and TV and radio shows avoided many of our addresses, our hotels, restaurants and family-friendly destinations were filled with eager visitors,” the chief executive of tourism board ProSkyräl, Ingo Maue, said in a statement.

German tourist association Touring Club Baden-Wuerttemberg (WBV) expects more than 60 percent of all Germans to travel to Germany during spring break. The WBV said 32 million tourists visited Germany last year, an 8 percent increase.

“Since 1992 when WBV was founded, guests during spring break have always multiplied considerably and reached a target of 50-60 million. The rise in arrivals in spring break have also increased. Germany is set to be flooded with another 5 million guests,” the WBV said in a statement.

The average cost of accommodations in February this year rose 7.2 percent, according to data from the Independent Association of Hotels in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The number of hotel rooms available was reduced by 37 percent in February, compared with the same month a year earlier.

Skiers and snowboarders in Germany, Austria and other countries of Europe who could not make the trip could take the chance to bring home one of their souvenirs.

According to, ski clothes for men and women can run from around $40 to $300.

(Reporting by Christine Murray; editing by Ben Harding)

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