HOLIDAYS: The coolest trains around the world

Each trip showcases a different part of the region, plus a few food-related sights.

Whether you’re inspired by the recent opening of the high-speed rail between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur or prefer to dine à la carte from the moveable feast, these food journeys are just the thing.

This extraordinary rail journey between Bangkok and Bangkok offers stunning views of the tropical paradise.

Southeast Asia’s top train journeys from HELLO! Travel

The “bangkok-rae” rail ride around the city is in fact just across the street, though the time you choose will make a huge difference.

A Malaysian train will whisk you off to the graceful temples of the Jorim Estate.

Royal-watchers, test your spare time on the Malaysia Express, which plods to the Yasmine shrine in Seri Iskandar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Quiet nights aboard the Malaysia Express

The Burma Inter-city Express goes through mountain passes en route to Chiang Mai.

The ‘Burma Inter-city Express’ skirts Mount Ararat, making for memorable vistas.

From a high vantage point in Bangkok, you can enjoy the views of the neighbouring islands of Ayutthaya and Koh Tao.

A private luxury train taking the short hop between Wat Pho and Wat Kratong is an altogether more luxurious experience than traditional travel in an air-conditioned coach.

Palace-making at Wat Pho

It’s still possible to request a private car and driver to take you on an outdoor journey through the jungles of southern Thailand.

Plane journeys from HELLO! Travel can be delayed or cancelled, but the train, which is usually free, is always guaranteed.

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