How to create a real community on the web

Everyone agrees that online communities are important. Businesses and social media platforms are certainly well aware of the value of active online communication and interaction with customers and customers are certainly aware of the value of targeted community marketing.

Yet, despite these obvious benefits, it is not difficult to spot a ‘have’ from a ‘have not’ in any social media group. Few people are able to have engaging conversations, build rapport and make meaningful connections with people in the same niche.

Over the last ten years, social media and online communities have become an essential component of the social sphere, and have inspired a new wave of businesses, individuals and organizations. But given that most online communities are no longer accessible by anyone without some other media app, it can be easy to forget about the word of mouth that has been the mainstay of marketing, advertising and customer service in the past. The often quiet web of social networks provides a great opportunity for people to unite to support causes and organisations with a common cause that they feel strongly about and they can do it in an efficient and meaningful way. However, it isn’t easy for them to make the voices of the community heard.

Luckily for them, it is not hard to learn and share knowledge about running great online communities. Here are five tips for getting started!

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