I caught up with Pecco Bagnaia, MotoGP legend

Written by Staff Writer

If there is a lesson from World Superbike Week in France this year, it’s that no one is safe.

Riders from all over the world have come to light their motorcycles for an incredible four-day exhibition. From the races and the fashion to the trackside entertainment, it’s been an altogether incredible event, one which has brought together some of the finest motorcycles on the planet.

In particular, it’s been encouraging to see rising stars coming to the fore.

If there was one young, talented rider who epitomized that, he’s returned from this year’s event in France with another MotoGP milestone.

Pecco Bagnaia was introduced to the world as a teenager in Italy in 2015. He competed at his first MotoGP race in Jerez, Spain that year, picking up three top-five finishes along the way, earning him a new legion of fans.

Having since won the Italian Superbike Championship, this weekend he celebrated his second MotoGP win by pole position at the French Grand Prix. The 21-year-old’s success in France represented another giant leap in the highly competitive category of motorcycling.

Talk to many of the big names in racing, and you’ll hear a common theme, namely that confidence and sheer drive is fundamental to success.

The true measure of that comes in the form of what the riders are saying about themselves, the people around them and the influence they’ve had on their sport.

Rampaging class

In recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to be briefed by many of the top names in motorcycling — including the French legend of the sport, Marc Marquez.

His holistic approach to life and his dedication to his profession have been impressive. Even at such a young age, he is one of the more inspiring young men I’ve ever encountered.

After spending time with a number of talented young riders, I realized that the level of people skills, both on and off the bike, seemed to be crucial.

Whether it’s a one-on-one session with a top rider in their comfort zone, or I’m spending an entire day with the podium boys — whom I believe are the best representatives of the sport in their field — at the cockpit of their bikes, I’m always impressed with how eager the guys are to learn and what they want to achieve.

I’ll be talking a lot more about the class of MotoGP in the upcoming days.

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