Italy’s star coach thinks there’s something different about his tiny island

Did you know it’s legal to pay for a divorce, to set up an inheritance fund and to have a nurse sign your will? Or that people in Sicily can, indeed, become rock stars? No? Probably not. But that’s what it sounds like in this new documentary about a famous coach for celebrities – dubbed “celebrity golf guru” – who is trying to spread awareness of the country’s many authentic, yet lesser-known, backdrops.

Federico Alba from Livorno, Italy, is the face of Sicily through his tour guides, who offer up the secrets of the towns, cities and villages he came to know. His fame and popularity among the fashion crowd and in the music industry is said to be because of his pristine voice, genuine personality and generous attitude, said Michele Scarto, an Italian music writer, who is interviewed in the film.

The documentary, “The People I Wish I Had” documents Alba’s low-key lifestyle: biking, cooking and renovating his own house while offering advice to people. But, he recently opened a restaurant that opens up the world of Sicily to an international audience.

“We will be open to everyone because we want to show them there’s another side to Italy – a different side,” he told E! News. “When I speak to people from the States, they find out that there’s beauty in Italy that they didn’t know about.”

For more info, visit the film’s website and Facebook page.

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