It’s ‘hunger schools’ in California and what these kids are facing

As part of our California Listen series, CNN has been looking into the pressures placed on students in California schools.

School’s back in session in California. Thousands of kids across the state — many dealing with homelessness — are still waiting to learn where they’ll attend next year.

But many are at risk of serious hunger and homelessness, many are being bullied and left to fend for themselves, and the state is struggling to comply with its health care obligations.

As CNN’s Talia Avakian and Becca Aaronson found out, many schools in California struggle to provide a quality education, and schools have no realistic means of holding parents accountable for their kids’ education.

In all 50 states, CNN found evidence of what it called high-poverty schools and severe hunger among students in poverty-stricken classrooms.

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By CNN Investigations Team

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