Manchester: Aftermath of the Riots

The 26-year-old is the latest to receive a prison sentence in connection with riots in January, in which more than 50 people were injured, property was torched and over 200 people were arrested.

Andrew Leferink was also the most senior rioter to be sentenced at Manchester Crown Court on Monday. The offences relate to the riots at Piccadilly Gardens, in the evening of 22 January in which there were riot-related incidents in Causewaywood, High Terrace, Maryville and St Luke’s.

Four other people who have been jailed have been associated with the conspiracy to set fires, deface the peace memorial, damage property and cause fear and alarm.

They include:

Radnorsab Anjorin – sentenced to 14 months imprisonment at Bolton Crown Court, October, 2016, for conspiracy to set fires.

One of his co-conspirators, Ahmed Yousef Al-Samah – who originally denied the offences and had faced a trial, has been detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Mohammed Hassan Nawaz – 22 months imprisonment at Manchester Crown Court, February, 2017.

Andrew Wyat – sentenced to five months imprisonment at Manchester Crown Court, August, 2017.

All four were with Leferink during the reign of terror in Manchester – after he sparked the riots he fled north from the city to attend a Wiccan gathering in Stratton, Northumberland. Leferink was led away in handcuffs from court in December, less than a month after he was found by police hiding in the wall of a farmhouse.

According to that publication the ‘Qanon Shaman’ was behind a series of posts on social media allegedly linking himself with the Manchester riots.

Former court services officer Colin Clarke was jailed last month for driving through the streets of London during the chaos. Mr Clarke appeared at Kingston Crown Court, August, via video link from prison in Sussex.

He was jailed for 28 months and the judge told him his actions on January 22, 2017 amounted to ‘disgusting violence’ and told the 42-year-old he would face a lengthy tagging operation while he served his time in jail.

Also sentenced that month was an Iraq war veteran, William Armstrong, aged 39, from Walmsley in the north west of England, who admitted setting fire to a war memorial at Piccadilly Gardens.

Armstrong, who is now paralysed, received a nine-month sentence at Westminster Magistrates Court in August.

Two men also pleaded guilty to arson and violence during the riots on January 22. Mitchell Alexander Bateman, 30, of Westfield, Salford, and Joshua Angel Johnson, 30, of Southport, Merseyside, each received a six-month jail term and were released under curfew supervision.

A 46-year-old man from Deansgate, Manchester, received a suspended sentence and a curfew following a diversion order.

So far four men have received jail sentences of more than three years from January.

Maynard Mohammed has been sentenced to three years and two months, Abubakar Tafawa Bakori to two years and eight months, Nasir Majeed to two years and eight months and Matthew Davies to two years and seven months.

Three men each received one year in March. Edward Briggs, 38, was sentenced to 18 months, Patrick Zazai, 40, to 12 months and Christian Alan Plowright, 36, to nine months.

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