On Talk to Me with Bob Hepburn

Two inspiring athletes, a daring philanthropist and a serious jock all come together for this week’s episode of Talk to Me

On Talk to Me with Bob Hepburn

I’m obsessed with anti-vaxxers. … My hometown for the last 20 or 30 years has been connected to mosquitoes. I’ve been either flying or playing sports there for the last 30 or 40 years. I have a fear of taking over-the-counter medication on airplanes and when traveling to Africa or other places where it’s malaria…. not that I have it, but those who do have taken medication there and have said it wasn’t actually saved the day. It was saved them just before they fell ill…. I’m just really concerned about their research.

It used to be that in the United States it was considered good therapy when you had this new medicine for your chest pain … if you took a placebo instead of taking the medicine. I’m starting to question that.

Dr. David Jacobson: People are afraid of taking a pill. If that happens in any area where there’s a problem with anti-vaxxers, you have to be more careful than you would in most cases, and be cognizant of the drugs they use, and…(it needs to be) an experiment, not sure it’s going to work.

CSI NY’s Robert David Hall: Once we started seeing epidemics throughout the country, we started to focus the country on the idea that maybe this was an odd thing, and it was something we had never had before.

UCLA’s Bruce Dale: You can’t create a poll from years ago where you had a lot of people. That’s what I mean about pre-internet, and pre-health care.


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