Picture of the week: May 24 2015

The Helping Hand, hanging beside my hospital bed

Racks of donated goods: free medicine, tools, washing and drying

Backpacks full of books, racks of encyclopedias, bookshelves

Pickers at the bins searching for donations

Children carrying food, boxes and plastic cups

Aplications of notes and signs

House left unoccupied, dusty

Empty, until the next morning when it was

Left unchecked and donated to an elderly woman who has

Parked her car for several days outside a gas station to beg

She finds me each day and walks two blocks to the feeding station

A person without a family, a person without family she tells me

We have no way of knowing each other

She wakes up in the morning, makes her way to the feeding station,

She tells me of the day she has had

Pea pods and food to eat. She tells me of the night when she did not sleep

One arm with a bone fracture, the other with memory loss,

She tells me about the drugs she has used

In the previous week

I tell her I don’t even know what they are

I don’t even know if I know you,

It has been more than a year since I visited

I tell her I have tried to get in touch

By myself, I was unable to

The chair blocking my view

The neighbors are gone,

The water has turned black,

The lights must be turned on,

The bear in the yard is there waiting for me

When I first walked into my office,

There was a broken ottoman

I got in touch with the Support Team,

I got the chair

I am back in custody

Now you need to find me,

The space is getting overpacked,

When I said I was going to get you a chair,

You said you wouldn’t like one

Instead of thanking me, you made a comment

about how ‘you sort of give us an understanding what you had to live with’

As I watched you through the window I wanted to scream.

I watched you go upstairs,

The hallway was dark

We hadn’t talked in weeks,

You had broken my heart

I told them I don’t blame you,

I do apologise.

You continued down the stairs

I followed the camera,

I peeked through the window

When I look at this photo,

I look at my frail condition,

I look at how big the space is,

I look at you,

I look at the other people who are here,

I’m amazed at the well-kept rooms,

The toys, books, and resources,

I go to bed at 10PM

Each night, I get up at 3PM

And myself and one of the other neighbours,

We will tuck the neighbour

In my arms

I love you

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