‘Sick of violence’ Montreal mayor calls for Canada gun laws

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Montreal city hall still stands empty on Sunday after a teenager was shot dead there

Montreal’s mayor is calling for the federal government to take decisive action to combat gun violence after another young man was shot dead in the city.

“The city of Montreal is among the most violent in the country,” said Lionel Perez.

“This has to stop.”

A 17-year-old was shot dead on a busy street near a Metro station on Sunday. Police have arrested a 17-year-old boy.

The killing took place in an industrial zone in the east-end of the city and was one of eight murders in the city in 2018.

“I am sick of it. We have to look at other ways,” said Mr Perez, who wants a gun control law passed quickly at the federal level.

“There needs to be an immediate ban on people having assault weapons.”

He said the city was also calling for further training for police officers who conduct armed investigations into domestic disputes.

Although there are no longer large numbers of residents packing guns in the city, Mr Perez said some youth had obtained illegal weapons from their relatives or friends in other areas of the city.

“This has to stop.”

Police say the victim was in a vehicle with two people before he was shot.

Two people with the victim were injured in the shooting but their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Meanwhile, amid ongoing questions over the shooting of a Ukrainian student at McGill University, which left him dead and three others injured, police say they are investigating a knife attack at the school.

Police say a man carrying a box cutter entered a common area on Sunday afternoon and “attempted to injure another individual”.

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