The Week Ahead: Heirs of Chicago victim due in courtroom

Testimony began Monday in the trial of the African-American man accused of killing an Arab-American student in Chicago by shooting him repeatedly in the back as he walked through a neighborhood he once knew.

The attempted murder trial of 26-year-old Juan Avila is a retrial.

The case was challenged in 2015 when the special prosecutor decided not to try him on a hate crime. The state attorney said their evidence did not show that the crime was motivated by hatred of the victim.

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Takiyah Thompson indicted

A woman has been indicted on attempted murder charges for the shooting of five American students and a Palestinian aid worker after gunshots erupted at an Arab Spring-themed party in Doha, Qatar, according to Kuwait’s state news agency.

The woman allegedly opened fire last year during a July 21, 2017, annual summer entertainment event hosted by the high school she once attended in the United States. Five students were wounded and a U.S. State Department employee was hit in the arm.

Thompson, who spent a summer as a Peace Corps volunteer in Saudi Arabia, is said to have stormed into the two-story home after being asked by a friend to leave. The Arab American teen’s father and a friend, all in their 20s, were the only two people home at the time.

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Inburger grills chairman of Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Democratic congressman and MSNBC talk show host Al Green on Sunday pressed Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, over the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Kate Steinle, a 32-year-old from Pleasanton, California, and 32-year-old Tony Townsend, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning after ICE agents left a generator on in their Houston house.

“How do you know that what happened in Houston was not a delay, you could have saved both lives?” Green asked in a tense exchange on “Meet the Press.”

“In Texas, I don’t know that I’m in a position to answer that. I don’t think the classification of ‘spontaneous combustion’ was a given,” Grassley responded.

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