US offers free hurricane and storm preparedness courses

Photo: National Hurricane Center

The main purpose of the Atlantic hurricane season is to reduce the likelihood of hurricanes or tropical storms resulting in significant storm damage. Since the record 1960 hurricane season, there have been only 11 major hurricane landfalls in the US, making our country vulnerable to tropical storm damage. The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season will be starting in only two weeks, that day is 18 June.

The four components of a hurricane is; wind speed, ground motion, storm surge and cloud base. Hurricane Frequency index (HFOI) indicates the relative frequency of extreme tropical storm activities and tropical storms in the year.

Currently, 591 days before landfall, the season outlook indicates a near-normal season that may lead to between four and six major hurricanes. Nine tropical storms with maximum sustained winds of 74 mph and up have already formed. Three tropical storms in the Gulf and 3 hurricanes are in the Atlantic.

The last three major hurricanes that hit the US occurred in 1935, 1935, in 1978. The outlook for November 2009 to January, 2010 predicted 9 major hurricanes in the Atlantic basin, seven of which may hit the US. Last year there were no major hurricanes in the Atlantic.

The 2008 season was the seventh in a row without a major hurricane making landfall in the US. Five-hurricane season forecast included three major hurricanes in the basin, two of which hit land.

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