Why I’m playing it: Dave Duncan on Flying Over Sunset

‘My mate used to say to me “you gonna sing ‘Flying Over Sunset’?” And I used to laugh, I’m such a geek!’

Flying Over Sunset’ was originally written for a long form children’s show, It’s Hartt Records, before going to other radio stations and TV. I’ve tried to set the same song and story on different occasions and it doesn’t work.

The fact that it includes a message of hope makes it particularly poignant; before the writing of The Catcher in the Rye and A Catcher in the Rye, no one really understood that depression existed.

It’s over a falling rain, into a swirl. There’s a lot of light falling from the sky. Butterflies, especially so tiny ones, as they flash. I’ve never been able to look at a butterfly without thinking about how they’re at their most vulnerable.

And a sea of white, trees turning yellow.

A rocky hill in the valley.

And a girl throwing the flowers into the wind.

It’s a pretty serious story. There’s darkness and it’s frightening but the children don’t see it. It’s what I call a religious song. The boy says to the girl: “Love is love, nothing else matters.” And it inspires children to find their way, without judging other people.

I love the theme song – even though I wasn’t there at the original recording. It’s quite complex! I recorded a version of it on Pink Floyd’s All You Need Is Love album – when I recorded it, I was told that the original theme song was about the right of man to love, and the murderer Mr Flicker sang in that song.

The song is also about moving forward, standing up and saying you’re happy to be here. I’ve always wanted to record the song with a choir. I thought that would bring it to a wider audience.

These days, even I’m bored of it. I always love to hear other people sing it with their own interpretation, but the fact it’s on my Spotify playlist counts as progress.

Flying Over Sunset is a cracking song, it’s a bit odd, but it’s got a lovely melody.

• Dave Duncan: a new release is scheduled for later this year.

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