Would You Want an ‘Air-Powered’ Bullet-Shooting Plane?

Kudos to Aurora Flight Sciences for this clever design.

It’s a design that would pack a lot of innovative technology into a little box, a design that would carry a “bullet” with its fuel, oxygen and stored electrical power.

Do you see the possible benefits? If this was a commercial jet and you were sitting in it, the bullet would essentially have several fuel tanks, essentially keeping you from running out of anything– especially if your unit had a short lifespan. Also, if I had a trip planned where I was flying around for a while, one of the short trips would also have to be offline. The bullet plane of the future could be a game changer.

Based on the video, it would weigh about the same as a typical passenger-carrying jet with everything you would expect in that passenger cab. But, unlike a passenger jet, the storage capacity could be boosted by rolling the “bullet” plane around a lot– not just as a cargo jet.

If we were designing the aircraft for a commercial airline, there could be batteries, a generator, and maybe even space to store natural gas.

Aurora is working with defense manufacturer Lockheed Martin on this jet. So what are they looking at? The bullet plane concept “represents the company’s new framework for developing and fielding jet engines, airframes, and flight controls for significant design diversity,” according to a press release by Lockheed Martin. In other words, Aurora is also interested in trying out different engine types as well as approaches to passenger aircraft functions.

For more information about the Aurora Bombardier bullet plane, click here.

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