‘Your Life Has Been Ruined’: Jury Seated in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

The trial of the parents of a Tennessee boy killed by an illegal immigrant is underway. 12 jurors were picked Saturday afternoon and start deliberations Monday. The stories of the families of the three victims who were killed are gripping, so here’s a look at the group of people who will weigh the case against Kyle Rittenhouse, who faces a possible maximum sentence of 51 years for manslaughter, felony child abuse and involuntary manslaughter.

‘Your Life Has Been Ruined’

The jury is filled with a variety of jobs from car service drivers to reporters to employees of the company where Kyle Rittenhouse worked. They range in age from 20 to 64, and include eight women and seven men. Some are married. Others are divorced.

Small and Medium

Trial Judge Leslie Chapman told the jurors they would not be sequestered, meaning they would be allowed to return to their home Monday morning after deliberating.

Although it was expected, the juror pool was only 49 people, compared to about 100 summoned during the first phase of jury selection.

“We have filled out the questionnaire. From the questionnaire there were no blatant biases” Chapman said during the judge’s question-and-answer segment of the jury pool.

About 22 percent of the jurors are white, compared to 43 percent of the general population.

Taking Care of Business

The jurors who have been selected to consider the case for the Kyle Rittenhouse trial only needed the same nine questions from the prosecution and one from the defense to be qualified.

New juror Miranda Courtney who is a reporter for Fox News’ Nashville affiliate WHNT-19 said, “The first question the DA asked was a general poll, nine if they read news coverage of the prosecution and the media, five if they follow sports and one of the few ones on the job. And I said no. I would never vote in a way that could result in me delivering bad news in the name of the father of a child that was killed.”

Before This Trial Begins, Jurors Were Chosen to Determine if Kyle Rittenhouse Is Guilty

After an initial 11 jurors were ruled out because of certain health conditions that required medical attention, 14 were brought in for additional questions. Chapman referred to the group she was looking at as, “the lawyers were ready to play cupid and match them up. It was a win-win situation.”

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